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ag ogoro taiwan are transforming the market with their electric smartscooters, which in addition to being very functional are incredible objects of design.
in a world where pollution and mobility problems are increasingly present in everyday life, gogoro certainly characterizes itself as a company connected with contemporary needs.
Launched in 2015, not only did it introduce its electric scooter models, it also innovated by installing a series of likings in Taiwan (240 in total), where users can take a fully charged battery and leave their used one charging to be used by another scooter. .
gogoro has sold more than 15,000 smartscooters in taiwan and estimates that 9,000 battery changes take place every day.
so far, the company estimates its pilots have saved the equivalent of nearly 400,000 gallons of gasoline and 2,700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, thanks to smart rechargeable batteries.

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