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we all like a good opportunity.
we all take pleasure in acquiring things that
give comfort, help us express who we are.
consumption is part of our lives.
however, we can always rethink the act of consuming.
he can be smarter.
can be more ethical.
before buying, find out about how the product, the company, the brand you consume acts in relation to the world around you:
how it treats people and the environment, assumes responsibilities towards society, cultivates transparency in its production process.
our consumption can provide pleasure.
but it can also generate evolution.
inform, question, participate, interact.
together we are stronger.

In the movin® e-shop, access the transparency link on the online page of each product.
there you can find out information about where and who made your piece, data on the raw materials used and even post-consumer tips to reduce your ecological footprint.



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