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_ goal _ year 2011.01

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in 2011 we started the creation and launch process, assuming the tripod that would be the main objective: technology + design on the main pillar, ethics. our mission: to accelerate the transition to a more conscious and technological lifestyle.
_ goal _ year 2011.02


as a secondary challenge, we determined that every product developed would have the criterion of sustainability, so we created "smart materials" with an organic base, recycled, low impact, biodegradable and compostable. Know more
_ goal _ year 2012.01


create value for everyone who is part of movin's production chain. through this concept, we make visible the information referring to the developed product, origin, materials, monetary values, among other data, in order to reinforce the valorization of the social and environmental aspects. your decision must be based on visible values, through transparent communication. Know more
_ goal _ year 2016.01


committed to following the highest levels of environmental, social and governance responsibility, we are dedicated to reporting our actions. Based on this goal, we became the first fashion brand to be certified b [b-corporation]. having a real commitment, we reached even higher goals, being awarded best for the world in 2017, 2018 and 2021. Know more
_ goal _ year 2019


We convert physical processes into digital ones. prototyping and modeling in the virtual environment, resulting in optimized development time and reduced impacts on physical production and approval processes. transform from the prototyping process to the commercialization and communication stage, is the objective. this new challenge would not be possible without the partnership of hol - digital fashion house. Know more
_ goal _ year 2021


through data analysis and participatory models, the decision on design, materials and other creative aspects will be 100% driven by you. if we want to offer products to you, nothing is more interesting than creating with you. Creator Community
Peter Ruffier

CEO /// Founder

"rethinking traditional models to accelerate the transition to the future we want, this is the biggest challenge".