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the merger between tesla and solar panel manufacturer solarcity connected the know-how of the two companies and has already resulted in a very interesting project: a network of batteries and solar panels will generate almost all the energy consumed on the samoan island of ta'u, which has about 600 residents.

this initiative marks the transition to cleaner energy, as the island was supported by diesel generators that needed more than 400,000 liters of fuel per year.
it is worth noting that in the context of the problems resulting from global warming, the islands are the most affected territorial areas and making one of them a model of renewable energy is a great idea.

in time: the us international renewable energy agency produced a report earlier this year that predicted that by 2030, around 13% of the electricity generated worldwide will be produced through solar energy and that countries like brazil, chile and africa in the south are some of the most attractive markets at the moment for this type of power generation.

learn more about the ta'u island project:


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