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_we love obama

the american president barack obama has been saying goodbye to his second term in recent weeks and has made several announcements in this final phase, whether official or not.
among such actions, he wrote an article for the magazine "science" talking about clean energy and carbon emissions, recurrent themes of his government and that will continue to be for the world.
in the text, obama states that the use of cleaner sources of energy, such as solar and wind, is an irreversible path and that his administration has made progress, such as the establishment of measures to regulate the use of fuel in cars and the consequent lower emission of greenhouse gases.
he also cites that carbon emissions from the country's energy sector have decreased by 9.5% and renewable energy costs have fallen (41% for wind and between 54% and 64% for solar energy).
and concludes: “despite the political uncertainties we face, I remain convinced that there is no country better prepared to face the climate challenge and reap the benefits of a low carbon future than the us”.
We hope that America, due to its power in many aspects, will continue to focus on sustainable solutions and set an example for the world.
good for them, good for everyone.

thank you, obama!


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