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“separate. do not stop.
a movement that starts and cannot stop".

We all know the importance of separating waste,
but many people still don't have that habit.
often because I think it's too complicated.
the culture of separating the garbage we produce requires
a little more attention yes, but the effort brings
many benefits, one cannot ignore.
and due to this importance, a new national campaign
of information and mobilization for the separation
and proper disposal of household waste
has its launch scheduled for today in brasilia.
“separate. do not stop. a movement that begins
and it cannot stop” is the motto of this action that was organized
and developed by the signatory companies of the packaging sector agreement, gathered in the 'coalition' group, in association with the united nations program for the environment.

the focus of the campaign is the consumer, after all, participation
of the population is essential in this gear:
the sector's goal is to reduce by 22% the amount
packaging sent to landfills
in brazil by 2018, and for the packaging to go on for recycling, consumers must separate their waste.

So, have you done your part?

separate, don't stop!


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