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President donald trump announces today, at 4 pm in brasília, his decision on whether or not to withdraw the us from the paris agreement.
In anticipation of good news, let's remember here 5 facts about the agreement:

1/ Signed in 2015, the paris agreement aims to keep global warming below 2°C in the long term, preferably below 1.5°C.

2/ with the weight of international law, the 197 signatory countries will have to fulfill obligations, such as monitoring and reporting polluting emissions.

3/ each country has its own target to reduce polluting emissions, but its achievement is not mandatory. This requirement is imposed by the USA and other countries.

4/ there will be financing that establishes the floor of US$ 100 billion per year that must be transferred from rich to poorer countries until 2025, to fund actions to combat pollution.

5/ Most Americans think that the US should participate in the agreement.
climatecommunication.yale.e du/publications/ paris_agreement_by_state/


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