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let's think about e-waste?

according to data from the un environment program (pnuma), the electronics industry and its equation mass production + growing consumption + planned obsolescence will generate 50 million tons of electronic waste this year.

brazil is the country that generates the most e-waste in latin america: 1.4 million tons per year, according to 2014 data.

The problem becomes even more serious because electronic waste cannot be disposed of as conventional waste, as an electronic product contains heavy metals such as mercury and lead, among others.

the national legislation on waste, which was signed in 2010, deals with the issue of electronic waste and the need for its collection and recycling, but, in practice, in most Brazilian cities there is no public collection system made available to the population or even companies.

a recent report released by the UN points out that between 60% and 90% of electronic waste worldwide is illegally traded or discarded incorrectly in the trash, causing serious environmental and health problems.

after all, where do you find a solution for e-waste? does it depend on the companies and their designers? of governments and their collection systems? of consumers?

we have to think about it.


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